More Reasons To Move To Charleston

Beautiful Charleston

Many families and independent young people are always on the hunt for a good place to find a job opportunity. Many senior citizens are also searching for a peaceful city to enjoy the rest of their lives at.

If you have not thought about Charles in South Carolina yet, then better put this beautiful city on your list.

If you are still on the fence, here are some of the reasons why Charleston is such a great place to live in.


If you love to go swimming and visit the beach, Charleston is the place to choose.

The weather is just hot enough for you to enjoy a stroll. On top of this, 6 of the top beaches in the US today are found in South Carolina. If you also want to splurge on a more upscale experience, you can visit the Isle of Palms. If you are also looking for an outdoor adventure, Wild Dunes is the place to go.

Strong Local Economy

Some states have already been dominated by multi-million companies. But in a place where the locals support each and everyone’s businesses, it builds a strong local economy. When this happens, it equates to great job opportunities, especially for young adults.

Since bigger companies have just started to slowly move in, it also opens many doors for employment to any age demographic. Besides this, Charleston relies heavily on tourism. It has been estimated that our tourism alone brings in 3.28 billion dollars yearly.

Good Colleges and Universities

There are many top colleges and universities in Charleston, SC.

Some of these prestigious schools are the Medical University of Carolina, The Citadel, Charleston Southern University, The College of Charleston and Trident Technical College.

Since there are many job opportunities in Charleston, many of the fresh graduates from these schools end up living in the city for many years or all their life. Many of them even decided to live for good here as they love the climate and coastal area so much.

The Friendliest Neighborhood

The Southern hospitality has been reigning supreme in Charleston – so much so that it has been ranked as the friendliest city in the US. Visiting this town is definitely going to be a change of pace in your life. So do not be surprised if people go out of their way to help you out.

People on the streets will also greet you with a smile. Some of them would even start a friendly conversation in the bus station or at any public place. It is just their way of life.

A Historical Haven

Dubbed as “The Holy City”, Charleston is a city where people live in religious freedom.

Many of the churches here made of cobblestones to iron gates. Every landmark seems to have a very interesting and historical story to tell. If you want to see where the Civil War began, take a ferry boat ride to Fort Summer.

Charleston has also landed a spot in the 10 best cities for historic preservation. Furthermore, this place also became the first city to establish a board of architectural review.

It Is Not Crowded

If you have been to New York, you probably know the true definition of a crowded City. Charleston is a lot different from the bustling and crowded cities like New York. Though they experience minimal traffic, the commutes here are much more tolerable than at other cities.

On top of this, there are many parking spaces available. You do not have to worry about taking the bus and leave your car behind at home. Wherever you go, you will find a parking spot that is either metered or situated in a parking garage.

Charleston, SC is a good place to move and settle in. There are still many reasons why it is a good idea to move here other than what is cited above.

This place is simply offering everybody a fresh start, whether you want to start a career, a family or your retirement. IF you are looking for a warm and sunny place to live, choose Charleston.